Angela Whitty


Angela joined Ampito in January of 2022 as group CEO following a 29-year stint at technology vendor, Cisco, where she held several UK and European leadership roles. With Ampito starting the next iteration of its journey to be the Managed Service Provider of choice for its UK and Global customers, Angela has joined to enhance their successful ‘disruptor’ mentality with the experiences of working in a major corporate environment. A key focus has and will continue to be ensuring the company has the right people, tools, and processes to be successful as well as the vendor offerings and service portfolio to meet the current and future requirements of their customers.

Mother of two grown up sons both of whom still live at home with no tangible plans to ever leave!! She is an enthusiastic if not skilful golfer, although a busy work and home life have made time to practice in recent months a challenge….along with the dismal UK weather!

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