Partnering for secure buildings: How Ampito and Cisco Meraki can empower physical security teams with tools to stay informed, react and respond faster.

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Cisco smart security solutions helps streamline tasks and inform business decisions, freeing up valuable time and IT resources, while strengthening security posturing, sustainability efforts, and building experiences at the same time.

Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras offer :

Advanced video analytics and intelligent monitoring capabilities. They enhance security, optimise operations, and improve safety with features like motion detection and object recognition. These cameras seamlessly integrate with the Cisco Meraki dashboard, providing real-time video feeds and customisable alerts.

Our Environmental Sensors enable :

Proactive monitoring of factors like temperature, humidity, and air quality. They help maintain optimal conditions for equipment, facilities, and compliance. The data collected by these sensors can be easily visualised and analysed within the Cisco Meraki dashboard.