Get a clearer picture of your network security, performance and utility with our free Cyber Threat Assessment.

When it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure from an increasingly diverse and sophisticated threat landscape, visibility is key. From evolving threat vectors to productivity blockers and poor resource utilization, if you don’t know they’re there, how can you avoid them?


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The Ampito/Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment is designed specifically to help IT professionals better understand:

Network security

What application vulnerabilities are being used to compromise your infrastructure? What malware or botnets have already made their way onto your network? What phishing attacks have breached your defences and which devices are most “at risk”?

Application performance

What business applications are running and how are they performing? What proportion of traffic is external and how could this impact costs? How do you optimise your WAN infrastructure to deliver a better remote working experience?

Network utility

How optimised is your bandwidth utility across your distributed network? Which locations, applications and users consume the most bandwidth? Are your WAN links optimised for cost-efficiency without compromising user experience?

An Ampito/Fortinet assessment is a simple 3 step process and takes less than a week to complete:

  1. Deploy Fortinet on your network
  2. Frictionless collection of data
  3. Generate personalised report

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