To run your business and your network effectively, you need a range of SaaS platforms to best serve your employees and your customers.

Network and security is increasingly consumed as software as a service. Our consultants can help you get up and running with all the SaaS products you need from our ecosystem of vendor partners, from cloud-based network orchestration services to digital experience management. We also specialise in software that helps maintain your SaaS environment better and more easily. With Ampito, you can manage your SaaS services from end to end.

Our solutions

Digitial Experience Monitoring

ThousandEyes delivers digital experience monitoring that provides insight into SaaS dependencies outside the network perimeter, enabling users to proactively address issues before they affect your organisation. This fits in well with SASE and other security solutions to provide visibility from switch to SaaS, creating flawless digital experiences.

HPE Aruba Networking Central
Centralised Management

Aruba is a leader in SD-Branch and a visionary in data centre networking. Aruba Central is a unified cloud network solution used to manage and control all wired and wireless LANs, WANs, and VPNs. Using AI analytics, orchestration, automation, security and many more features, this is a resilient and scalable SaaS solution.

HPE Aruba

Aruba Orchestrator has an intuitive interface that allows you to centrally define, assign, and enforce policies across the WAN. Network managers can streamline operations, simplify change management, minimise configuration errors, expedite troubleshooting and enforce consistent policies across the WAN with unmatched simplicity.

HPE Aruba Axis

Axis Security’s Security Services Edge (SSE) platform addresses the need for improved application performance and increased network security, especially as the number of remote users increases and enterprises continue to migrate applications to the cloud. Axis Security’s SSE offerings enable access to corporate and public-cloud resources. This solution delivers zero trust security controls that can be applied to people and devices, whether they connect to the enterprise/campus network from home or on the road.

Cisco Meraki
Centralised Management

Cisco Meraki is the world’s largest cloud-networking platform that brings together IT, IoT, and physical environments. As a premier partner, we have good experience and a proven track record with the full Cisco portfolio.

Web Applications

Ampito will support you to find the right licensing options from the extensive suite of Microsoft solutions. You can also bring these licenses to the cloud with us there to help with migration.

Juniper Mist
Centralised Management

Mist AI uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques to optimise user experiences and simplify operations across the wireless access, wired access, and SD-WAN domains. Mist AI operators can save time with quicker problem resolution and fewer onsite visits, all the while giving their users a better experience.

Vulnerability Scanning

AppCheck’s state-of-the-art external vulnerability scanner can assist in strengthening and bolstering your external networks, which are most prone to attack due to their ease of access, against threats and cybercriminals.

Horizion3Ai – NodeZero™
Autonomous Pen Testing

NodeZero™ provides continuous autonomous penetration testing as a true SaaS offering. By fingerprinting your internal and external attack surface, it identifies how exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, harvested credentials, and dangerous product defaults connect to facilitate a compromise. With NodeZero™, you can proactively find and fix these attack vectors before they can be exploited.

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    Nuffield Health

    Nuffield Health was experiencing challenges with the impact its legacy MPLS WAN was having on the performance of its network. Since the company wanted to embark upon a cloud-first IT strategy, Nuffield Health turned to Silver Peak to deploy SD-WAN.

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