It’s crucial to have an adaptable, resilient, secure, and high-performing network in place to support your IT infrastructure.

The technology used by your employees and customers requires reliable networking to operate optimally at all times. You need to facilitate seamless connectivity, efficient data collection, device management, and analysis from any location, easily.

By understanding your specific requirements, we assist you in designing and constructing a customised networking infrastructure. Our solutions for networking address your unique challenges, from size to speed. We integrate your devices, security measures, networks, platforms, and operations to create an intelligent and future-ready IT ecosystem where everything flows smoothly.

This enables you to always remain connected and concentrate on running your business.

Our networking solutions

Cloud management

Cloud management solutions enable you to manage your network needs from a single platform. With automation features and a flexible API-driven approach, you can easily introduce business efficiencies and scale as you need to.

Some solutions offer AI, using your metadata to identify visual faults, make recommendations and other insightful reports.

From our range of vendors – including Meraki, Aruba and Juniper Mist – we ensure that you’ll get the best solution for your budget and requirements. Ampito also offers managed services, so you continue to get the most value from it.

Wireless networking solutions

Next generation WiFi – WiFi 6

Having up-to-date WiFi will transform connectivity across your business. The latest iteration, WiFi 6, offers a higher standard of bandwidth, lower latency, efficient data encoding, and many more business benefits.

If you’re using legacy networking options, Ampito can help you transition. Or, if you’re looking for more continuous optimisation, we’re always on hand to support you.

Secure network access control (NAC)

NAC solutions help you control access to your networks, with greater visibility and policy enforcement for users and devices. By monitoring access activity and the security posture of devices, you can roll out Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), provide guest access control, and manage compliance for corporate assets with confidence.

Whether you’re working on wired or wireless, corporate or personal devices, we’ll find the most suitable NAC solution.

Wireless surveys

Let us help you plan and design your wireless network to create network coverage that doesn’t leave gaps. We understand the importance of getting your APs in the right place, so we can carry out wireless surveys to get the full picture. We can do this remotely with supplied floorplans, so you can go about your day without disruption, and support with implementation after.

We are also happy to discuss in-person wireless surveys should this be required.

Explore our vendor partner Ekahau.

Wired networking

Enterprise wired networking

Cloud management solutions bring all your enterprise network management needs into a centralised location. They also work flexibly with other bolt-on services like switches, as well as traditional web interfaces or command lines.

Switches come as standalone or stackable, with various port counts, and can have support for PoE, be it 802.3af or 802.3at. We’ll evaluate your criteria to help you choose the most appropriate enterprise switches for your business environment or data centre, along with the necessary SFPs and cables.

Low latency switching

Low latency switches are extremely important in environments where every millisecond counts, like finance, data centres or gaming. The right switches will ensure every request is completed without delay, providing a competitive advantage and faster operations.

Programmable network platforms

With a programmable network platform, you can decouple your software and hardware control. This allows businesses to create more specialised services, automate more, and get closer to real-time activities. We deliver hardware with custom code executed closer to the data, for the most specialised low latency use cases.


Introduce script and programme automations for your business workflows. With intent-based networking, you can also add intelligence into the equation. Our solutions that include extensibility features, such as API integrations with Ansible or Puppet, enable you to configure and manage at scale.

White box orchestration

If you’re looking for an unbranded server solution, we can ensure you get the best option for your use case. We’ll consider your budget, customisation needs, ecosystem and more, ensuring everything fits together perfectly.

Our infrastructure services

Colocation services

Colocation is perfect when you don’t have a dedicated and secure environment to house your infrastructure, or if you want to consolidate data centres. This will save space and reduce costs. We’ll help you design a strategy that works with your entire infrastructure and support you to migrate your data centres, considering both the move and the cabling.

Hosting services

Ampito offers hosting support consultancy wherever your data, network or websites are located. We are familiar with all the leading platforms, such as AWS, GCP and Azure.


Virtualisation provides significant benefits, including cost savings, resource optimisation, scalability, improved disaster recovery, simplified management, increased agility, and support for legacy systems. Our consultancy services are here to help you create a strategy and tangible roadmap to virtualise your network.

Server hardware

Ampito partners with vendors for classic enterprise servers, including HPE and Dell. We can provide and install these as part of our service. If you work in industries that have unique requirements, such as overclocking, additional cooling or white box servers, we can accommodate this – just ask us about our vendors.

Case studies

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    Nuffield Health

    Nuffield Health was experiencing challenges with the impact its legacy MPLS WAN was having on the performance of its network. Since the company wanted to embark upon a cloud-first IT strategy, Nuffield Health turned to Silver Peak to deploy SD-WAN.

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