Unified communications provides an integrated platform for all business communications that encompasses a mix of voice, audio, video and digital messaging, streamlining communications, enhancing collaboration and improving productivity.

Businesses today need varied communication options and should be able to move seamlessly from one device, or medium, to another. Equally, your employees need to be able to connect using several pathways in the hybrid working world, while customers expect multiple channels of interaction. From voice to email to messaging applications, unified, omni-communications are increasingly important for both the user and your customers.

Ampito has close partnerships with vendors such as 8×8, Cisco, RedBox, Avaya, Mitel, RingCentral and Microsoft for efficient and flexible delivery of unified communications solutions.

Our unified communications solutions

Contact centre

Improve customer experience by efficiently routing customers to the right people from any channel entry point, right away. For the business side, you can bolt on self-service elements to reduce your resource time. In addition, certain solutions will have analytics features built in, so you can analyse, rate and optimise calls. For example, real-time dashboards help you review wait and answer times or any queues forming.

Cloud-based services

Cloud platforms offer CAPEX and OPEX benefits across your business by managing everything from a single platform. From automation to AI insights to instant plug ins, you can introduce new capabilities into your communications and reduce hardware. Our team will not only help you manage the integration of cloud and telephony solutions, but we can work together to maintain this infrastructure moving forwards.

Call recording

Businesses need call recording solutions they can rely on, especially those that work in regulated environments, such as healthcare, finance, or customer service. Ampito will source and deploy solutions that meet your needs – whether you have PCI compliance or GDPR requirements, or on-premises or cloud-based telephony solutions.

Unified communications hardware

In a world of digital, some hardware can’t be replaced. We work with multiple vendors that supply physical handsets, headsets, and video room systems to find you solutions that meet your requirements and compatibility needs.

Video conferencing

Your employees now operate flexibly, across multiple locations using different devices, and draw significant benefit from not just video communication, but also rich collaboration using desktop sharing and control solutions. Our speciality is helping our customers adapt and unify video conferencing and desktop sharing solutions to enable continuity.

UC readiness

Delivering robust and reliable unified communications entails several factors. However, a heavy reliance is placed on elements like the wired and wireless networks, the WAN, and the resiliency of these infrastructures. We have a wealth of expertise to help ascertain the suitability of installed networks, including mobile connectivity, to deliver unified communications to the enterprise.

Omnichannel communications

In an omnichannel solution you can bring together email, chat, SMS, social media and messaging applications, delivering that content to a single agent application. This transforms the customer experience by ensuring they are always working with the same team, no matter their method of communication.

Our unified communications vendors

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