What is SD-WAN?

Think of SD-WAN as your digital route planner. Business-critical SaaS platforms and cloud services are rapidly decentralising data traffic flows, impacting network performance and limiting your organisation’s ability to drive efficiency, reach new customers and nurture growth.

To capture the full value of digital transformation, you need a network designed to meet your needs today.

Software-defined wide area network guides business critical applications to user destinations using the fastest routes, without compromising the performance, quality or speed upon arrival.

What are the key benefits of SD-WAN?

Simplify your network

Simplify infrastructures and network management. Software-defined WAN automates monitoring tasks, supports non-critical business apps efficiently and allows centralised network control.

Low latency

Automatically route your traffic through the fastest and most reliable connection. SD-WAN also facilitates rapid deployment of WAN services, such as firewall and bandwidth.


Merge flexibility with performance. SD-WAN and 5G are highly complementary, allowing you to scale your networks, improve reliability and centralise controls.

Power remote and hybrid working

Allow all employees to access cloud applications directly, regardless of location, without burdening the core network. This improves the overall user experience and significantly enhances network management and security.

Drive efficiency

Reduce the resource associated with using and managing your network by leveraging low-cost local internet access, providing direct cloud access.

Ampito Managed Network Services – RedSwan

Ampito’s managed network services product brand, RedSwan, is an established leader in the industry with over 12 years of experience. RedSwan empowers businesses to optimize their network infrastructure, enhance application performance, and ensure seamless connectivity across distributed locations. As an Ampito brand, RedSwan provides organisations with a comprehensive solution that redefines how enterprises connect, collaborate, and thrive.



How can Ampito help with
software-defined WAN?

We enable organisations to seamlessly transition to software-defined WAN. Through years of experience, we fully understand the impact the process can have on normal business operations and can guide you through change positively.

As a vendor-agnostic provider, we can act independently in our vendor selection and deliver bespoke solutions. We deliver packaged overlay service options, including analytics, cyber protection and other branch management infrastructure.

Our SD-WAN solution

Ampito delivers software-defined networks with added intelligence and easy maintenance.

Our Ampito-made package comes wrapped in analytics and service delivery management services. If you need specific metrics, or more lifecycle management, we can customise this for you.

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SD-WAN case studies

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    Nuffield Health

    Nuffield Health was experiencing challenges with the impact its legacy MPLS WAN was having on the performance of its network. Since the company wanted to embark upon a cloud-first IT strategy, Nuffield Health turned to Silver Peak to deploy SD-WAN.

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