Our approach to connectivity is about ensuring our customers have connected networks that are designed with resilience and uptime in mind. We help you maintain your business and digital environments with reliable, fast and secure connectivity solutions.

Backed by our Ampito HelpDesk, we can manage diverse connections across internet, point-to-point, branch and HQ access, as well as data centre links and mobile data for pop-up locations.

Our project management team can guide you through any organisational change that requires your connectivity to scale and transform, ensuring successful implementation from order to delivery.

Fixed line connectivity 

Ampito operates a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) that gives us a broad selection of the most suitable fixed line connectivity products and services across many UK and global service providers. From high-performance data centre connectivity through to low-cost ethernet, DIA and SOGEA services, Ampito can provide flexible and end-to-end managed connectivity services delivered by our specialist carrier provisioning team.

Mobile connectivity

From handsets and 5G to SIMS and IoT connectivity, we can deliver and package multiple aspects of mobile connectivity to give you a mobile data solution that delivers against business outcomes.

Single order generic ethernet access (SOGEA)

SOGEA is a good option for organisations who need data without voice services. With SOGEA, you can install broadband without the need for a phone line, saving you money and time in the process.

Session initiation protocol (SIP)

A SIP trunk is the digital answer to updating your legacy analogue trunks for incoming and outgoing calls. SIP trunks allow you to transition from an existing on-premises PBX or business telephone system to a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solution, on-premises or in the cloud. We can recommend the most suitable SIP trunk provider and VoIP solution to provide a complete package.


If you need more space for your servers and hardware, we can work with you to explore options for rented colocation spaces with third-party providers. We also work with partners that can assist in any physical hardware moves and the required cabling.

Smart ports

Smart ports simplify your colocation connections. They provide direct connections to your cloud platforms, applications, networking and infrastructure from a single or multiple interfaces, and they can be used to build point-to-point connectivity between on-net data centres across the globe.

Direct routing for Microsoft Teams

You can upgrade your Teams to become a full cloud-based unified communications solution, with enterprise-grade telephony, using direct routing. This enables you to make incoming and outgoing calls with Teams for a better overall experience.

Point-to-point & multipoint connectivity

Ethernet services fulfil many different bandwidth requirements. P2P connections give you a secure, quality and direct connection between two fixed points in a range of speeds. For private networks, we can introduce point-to-multipoint layer 2 bridging provided through a virtual private LAN service (VPLS).

Our team will determine what option is best for your business case.

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We aim to use our customer-centric approach to deliver high-quality services and solutions to improve your organisation’s connectivity.


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