Ampito Earns EcoVadis Bronze Medal for Sustainability: A Testament to Our Values

Ampito Earns EcoVadis Bronze Medal for Sustainability: A Testament to Our Values

Ampito are delighted to announce that we have achieved the Bronze EcoVadis Medal, a prestigious recognition of our commitment to ethical business practices. This accolade reaffirms our core values of integrity, transparency, and responsibility across all facets of our operations.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a company that offers sustainability assessments and ratings to businesses and their suppliers worldwide. Their ratings are assigned to over 130,000 companies, while their coverage spans over 180 countries and 220 industries.

EcoVadis Medals are awarded to companies that have completed the assessment process and demonstrated a strong management system that meets the specified criteria. The medals are awarded based on a company’s percentile rank, which compares its performance with all rated companies in the database. We are pleased to detail that the Bronze Medal Ampito received places us in the top 35%.

Conducting Business with a Conscience

At Ampito, we firmly believe in conducting business with a conscience. This means prioritising social responsibility by fostering a positive work environment, supporting fair labour practices, and actively engaging with our communities. Our dedication to ethical conduct extends beyond our internal operations to our relationships with suppliers and partners. We ensure that everyone involved shares our commitment to integrity and fairness.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental awareness is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable practices, including:

  • Energy efficiency initiatives: We continuously strive to reduce energy consumption and promote efficient practices within our organisation.
  • Waste reduction programs: Our efforts focus on minimising waste generation and promoting recycling and responsible disposal.
  • Responsible sourcing: We carefully select suppliers who share our commitment to environmental sustainability.

By embracing eco-friendly policies and innovative solutions, we aim to contribute to a healthier planet and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are fundamental to everything we do at Ampito. We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring that our business practices are ethical, transparent, and compliant with regulatory requirements. We believe in open communication with our stakeholders, fostering trust and confidence in our organisation.

A Collective Achievement

Receiving the Bronze EcoVadis Accolade is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team members, partners, and stakeholders. It serves as a powerful motivator, inspiring us to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of our business. As we pursue our mission, we remain committed to upholding our core values.

Written by Tara Malins

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