How to choose a managed cybersecurity services partner

How to choose a managed cybersecurity services partner

Managed cybersecurity services can be a worthwhile investment for many organisations, particularly those without a CISO or cybersecurity team on hand to identify vulnerabilities, adopt new technologies, and react to threats quickly. But, while outsourcing your organisation’s cybersecurity can ensure better protection, finding a managed services provider (MSP) that you can trust is a great first step.

What are cybersecurity managed services?

Managed services are those that are outsourced to another organisation, a managed services provider (MSP), which becomes responsible for handling them.

This may be by offering a fully managed package that takes care of the infrastructure and day-to-day running of your IT products and solutions. Alternatively, it could be a package that manages just some of your business-critical functions.

When it comes to cybersecurity, working alongside a consultative managed services partner can provide around-the-clock reassurance that your security posture is being maintained. From thoroughly assessing your current measures to implementing and testing recommended solutions, an

MSP can help you to set and achieve better cybersecurity outcomes.

The benefits of managed services for cybersecurity

Robust cybersecurity measures are critical for businesses of all sizes, with the global cost of cybercrime expected to surpass 13 trillion U.S dollars by 2028. While some midmarket organisations may have reservations about outsourcing to an MSP, managed cybersecurity services could be an important investment.

The key benefits of managed cybersecurity services include:

  • Filling the cybersecurity skills gap
  • Taking a proactive stance
  • Managing risks for seamless disaster recovery

Filling the cybersecurity skills gap

In the UK, half of all businesses have a basic cybersecurity skills gap. These skills gaps leave businesses vulnerable; whether it’s from employees not identifying phishing attacks, or heads of IT becoming overwhelmed with responsibility. Of course, filling the skills gaps in your organisation isn’t an overnight task, but part of a long-term strategy. It affects your hiring decisions, the products you integrate into your cybersecurity stack, and your plans for future expansion.

Partnering with an MSP can provide the security representation you need to bolster your defence. Alongside implementing a tailored package of solutions to strengthen your security posture, a trusted MSP will offer 24/7 support for the times that your teams aren’t available – or equipped – to act.

Taking a proactive stance on security

Proactivity is key in cybersecurity; even a relatively small cyberattack could cause financial losses and reputational damage. When you adopt managed cybersecurity services, you’ll make proactivity part of your strategy. MSPs are dedicated to putting you on the offensive, such as by identifying potential vulnerabilities, creating a zero-trust security model, and testing it consistently.

The benefit of investing in managed services is that you can access a package of solutions from leading vendors, customised to your business objectives. This will create a multi-layered line of defence that mitigates the risk of an attack from happening altogether. What’s more, your MSP will abide by service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring they’re consistently working to increase uptime or test your disaster recovery plan.

Managing risks for seamless disaster recovery

Implementing a disaster recovery plan is a critical part of your business continuity and risk management strategy.

This is particularly important in areas where the potential damage could be quick to spread and far-reaching. Not only will a managed services provider work proactively to pre-empt and prevent cybersecurity threats, but they’ll also provide reactionary support around the clock. If your organisation does face an attack, they may even know before you do.

Managed IT service providers will also be prepared to help you return to business as usual. This could be by identifying where the breach occurred, determining which datasets are the most vulnerable, or by helping you to connect to a cloud-based back-up solution. If you’re operating without a CISO or dedicated cybersecurity team, this rapid approach to recovery is particularly important.

Choosing your managed cybersecurity services partner

Choosing your managed cybersecurity services partner will depend on multiple factors. You’ll need to evaluate your existing solutions, preferred vendors, budget, and more.

This can be challenging if you don’t have a CISO to take the lead on the decision-making process. As such, it’s critical to look for managed IT service providers that you can develop a consultative partnership with – one that will prioritise your business objectives, create a bespoke package of solutions from reliable vendors, and offer around-the-clock management.
Here are three qualities that it’s well worth looking for in a partner.

1. Trust and transparency

Your partnership needs to have a high level of trust. Working with an MSP to handle something as important as your cybersecurity can be daunting, so a company that instils confidence in you is vital. Consider how they approach your earliest conversations. Do they understand your business objectives? Are they willing to discuss their credentials? Are they a Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 certified organisation? Your partnership will be an ongoing one, so it’s critical that it begins with transparency.

2. Exceptional customer service

The benefit of choosing fully managed services is that you can free up valuable time for your teams. However, this isn’t to say that your CISO or head of IT won’t need to work closely with your MSP – from seeking advice on the implementation of new software to communicating about SLAs. As such, a strong partnership relies on exceptional customer service and a commitment to forging a true collaboration. This will also require your MSP to be contactable 24/7 so that they’re always available to act.

3. Evolving expertise

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field. Threats change and solutions develop, so it’s integral that your managed services partner is invested in keeping up with the latest cybercrime trends and matching you to the best-fit vendors. This is all part of tackling vulnerabilities and maintaining your security posture, proactively. The ever-changing requirements of cybersecurity are one of the biggest challenges for organisations today, but with an MSP committed to keeping up, you can fill the skills gaps in your team and minimise the threat of human error.

Ampito – your partner for managed cybersecurity services

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We understand that choosing a cybersecurity managed services provider can feel daunting, which is why we offer partially and fully managed services and flexible contracts that can scale with you. Whether it’s filling the skills gaps in your business or matching you to the vendors and products that align best with your needs, we’re here to maintain your security posture with our range of cybersecurity services – each managed 24/7 from our security operations centre (SOC).

Every partnership begins with a conversation. Get in touch to see if we could be the right MSP for you.


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