Partnering for sustainability progress: How Ampito & Cisco Meraki Empower IT Sustainability

Partnering for sustainability progress: How Ampito & Cisco Meraki Empower IT Sustainability

IT sustainability isn’t a new topic. But with organisations facing increased attention on their sustainability policies, it’s a key area where big changes can be made – and goals can be met.

Prioritising IT sustainability isn’t just good for the environment, it can improve your company’s brand image, keeping you in line with compliance regulations and helping you to boost energy efficiencies, ultimately saving you money in the long run. New technologies, like cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and networking are creating further opportunities to enable a sustainable future.

These are technologies that Cisco, a world leader in technology innovations, have at their fingertips. Cisco provides IT products and services across five major technology areas: networking, security, collaboration, data centre, and the Internet of Things (IoT). All aligning to their purpose to close the digital divide, empower the future of work, fight for equality and social justice, and build a regenerative planet.

Cisco have set impressive sustainability goals to demonstrate their commitment to address the devasting effects of climate change – not least, committing to being net zero in greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. But also, in implementing a circular model that finds ways to minimise waste and extend the lifecycle of Cisco products whilst driving innovation and realising value for stakeholders.

As their trusted partner, Ampito have a proven track record with the full Cisco portfolio and are doing their part towards improving IT sustainability. We are working towards becoming a Cisco Refresh partner, which will allow us to offer certified remanufactured equipment to our customers encouraging a circular economy in our industry – more on that below.

So, how can you improve your IT sustainability processes within your business (and ensure the technology pays for itself in the process)?

Three clear wins to improve IT sustainability.

Ampito and Cisco Meraki are the partnership you need to your IT sustainability journey. As experts in the field, here’s some examples of how implementing sustainable solutions in your business can benefit you:

Energy efficiency: Put yourself at an advantage and lower costs at the same time.

  • By implementing a Power over Ethernet (PoE) approach in your office, you can analyse your network and physical space identifying energy savings across your business. Cisco also offer solutions so you can monitor server use to ensure you’re using them in the most energy-efficient way.
  • You can configure your Webex devices to help save energy. One solution is to use the Webex Control Hub to automate switching off features like signage outside of your office hours, saving an estimated 13.6 MWh/year.

Circular economy: Stop throwing things away – reuse, reduce, recycle.

  • Move away from a linear model and focus on how we can make better use of our natural resources. Cisco offers several solutions so you can stop filling landfill – from repairing old equipment and bringing it up to the same standards as new (Cisco Refresh Program), to incentivised payment plans (Circular Payment Solution) and free ways for you to dispose of your equipment in an environmentally responsible way (Cisco Product Takeback).

Smart buildings: Let the tech do it for you.

  •  Smart buildings use AI and machine learning to help you identify cost savings and better manage your business energy consumption in a safe and secure way. The system can automatically respond to occupancy levels in buildings, adjusting the temperature, light, airflow and more to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible. Ultimately, smart buildings do the work for you, saving energy and money whilst you concentrate on your business.

The IT Visibility Gap

Naturally, a concern with implementing sustainability measures effectively, is the IT visibility gap. Being unable to have end-to-end sight of all your IT systems and applications can be an obstacle to IT sustainability as it could lead to underestimation of your environmental impact, resulting in unrecognised cost savings, not meeting stakeholder expectations, and potentially putting your organisation at risk of not adhering to sustainability or compliance policies.

Cisco Meraki’s Cloud First Platform

But there are solutions, such as Cisco Meraki’s cloud-first platform: a powerful, easy-to-use, and centrally managed platform that offers maximum efficiency and peace of mind.

The platform allows you to connect as many networks as you need, to one centralised system. here, you can manage and analyse power usage, network resource and budgets to identify efficiencies without compromising on security. Plus, because provisioning can be done remotely and centrally, Cisco Meraki helps reduce travel needs, associated costs, and carbon footprint, since organisations no longer need to send experts off-site to deploy new network switches. This means you can rapidly scale your network and reap the benefits of an agile, hassle-free platform that unites networking, smart cameras, sensors, and AI ops.

With Cisco Meraki, you can be assured that sustainability is being considered at every step of the supply chain, and the cost savings you’ll acquire will easily pay back the technology you have invested in.

Ampito are pleased to offer a free 1-hour live demo with a Cisco Meraki account managers to demonstrate the sustainability aspect of the Cisco Meraki platform. They will show you the Meraki dashboard software for sensors, switches, access points, cameras and firewalls.

If you’re keen to take this conversation further, the Meraki team would be very happy to help install and setup the platform for you.

Start your journey in discovering how you can transform your IT sustainability game for the future.

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Ampito – Your collaborative IT partner

As a trusted technology consultant and implementation partner, Ampito have a proven track record with the full Cisco portfolio, including Cisco Meraki. We will work with you to understand your challenges and determine your sustainability goals. From here, we can deliver an offering that is tailored to your needs.

And should that need change, our strong relationship with Cisco ensures that we can evolve to meet your shifting requirements with a friendly, human approach.

Written by Dave Hughes

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