Insights from our CEO: Preparing for business success in 2024

Insights from our CEO: Preparing for business success in 2024

Author: Angela Whitty, Ampito CEO  

As 2024 creeps closer, now is the time to assess your business’s 2023 performance and look towards the next 12 months. Have your objectives changed significantly? What challenges are you facing now that you weren’t a year ago? What are your customers thinking and doing – and how can you cater to them? 

Here are five themes I think will be essential for technology and IT in 2024, and what businesses can do to prepare.  

Amidst financial uncertainties, trust is everything 

The last few years have seen businesses of all sizes and sectors face financial uncertainty, so it’s no surprise that many are being more cautious with their spending. We’re seeing this reflected in many ways, from the technology investments that businesses are making to the roles they’re hiring for and when. We’re also seeing longer decision-making processes and a preference for lengthier contracts in B2B becoming common.  

But as much as financial instabilities are challenging, they’re also an opportunity. Focus on building mutual trust with your customers by aligning with their values and making sure that you’re the best fit for them culturally and professionally. Doubling down on your house accounts is also key, as these established relationships need just as much nurturing as new ones. 

One-size-fits-all customer experiences aren’t enough  

There’s been a move towards one-size-fits-all contracts in the technology and IT space. However, bespoke customer experiences will need to come first in 2024, whenever they can be accommodated. Amidst an unpredictable financial and geopolitical landscape, allowing customers to remain as agile as possible with tailored contracts is sure to go a long way.  

This is particularly important as the RFP process continues to become more challenging for incumbents. To demonstrate your suitability for new contracts, you’ll need to prove that you are committed to understanding and meeting your customers’ bespoke needs.  

Continue investing in helpful business technology  

Many businesses have lost confidence in their technology investments in recent years – yet another symptom of the ongoing financial crisis. However, the most forward-thinking businesses tend to be those that continue to digitally transform, whether that’s by introducing automation or by migrating towards a cloud architecture. 

Continuously evolving will help your business to maintain a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond, so look for an IT and technology solutions partner that can help to guide those investments. It’s not about chasing every new trend, but about being confident in technology investments that genuinely align with your digital transformation goals. 

Prioritise security now more than ever  

When it comes to investing in your business, there are few areas that are as important as security – especially for businesses using remote working practices. Security must become a fundamental part of every business’s technology and IT infrastructure and can no longer be seen as an afterthought. 

Enmeshing security with your business practices begins by putting the right architecture in place, from firewalls to multifactor authentication. But remember that your organisation’s needs will always change, as will the potential threats it may face.  

As such, make sure to evaluate your security posture and action the necessary adjustments throughout 2024. Your security posture is only as good as the people using it, so this should include delivering awareness training regularly to your teams. If your employees will continue to work remotely in the coming years, make sure that this training is tailored accordingly. 

Remain agile as 2024 brings more unpredictability  

The businesses that make agility part of their strategy continue to be the most resilient – and we can all learn from them. We’re still dealing with the aftershock of the pandemic, and with geopolitical tensions affecting everything from trade agreements to manufacturing costs, the next few years have the potential to be very challenging. Being able to adapt to change quickly is going to be crucial long term for businesses across all markets, both B2B and B2C. 

Agility looks different for every business, but filling skills gaps by investing in your employees’ development and continuing to digitally transform are great places to start.  


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