Why cybersecurity training is an essential line of defence

Why cybersecurity training is an essential line of defence

Safeguarding your business against cybersecurity threats means creating multiple lines of defence. But many businesses underestimate the value of their people to this protective barrier, failing to prioritise cybersecurity training.  

CISOs are already under pressure, with a 2023 report from Fortinet finding that almost all surveyed businesses plan to make their CISO responsible for operational technology cybersecurity. For the CISOs already spinning multiple plates, there will be no bigger relief than sharing this responsibility with the rest of the team. And for the businesses that don’t have a dedicated cybersecurity expert, training the whole organisation to proactively manage threats is even more crucial. 

The bottom line is that company-wide cybersecurity training is an essential line of defence. Here’s why. 

Human error is a major driver of cybersecurity risks 

95% of cybersecurity problems can be traced back to human error. This is an astronomical figure – and one that highlights the very real importance of investing in people-first defence. 

There’s a huge skills gap in the UK alone, with half of all businesses dealing with a basic gap, and a third dealing with an advanced gap. When it comes to your business, where are your gaps and how can you correct them? 

When considering this question, look beyond your cybersecurity team. Thinking too narrowly could leave your business vulnerable, but unfortunately this is all-too common. In fact, only 11% of UK businesses have trained their non-cyber staff. 

Remember: even if you have a fully trained cyber team on the defensive, there’s nothing stopping a salesperson or accountant from leaking confidential information to a convincing phishing email, for instance. Your training needs to be company-wide to be truly effective.  

Cyber threats are always changing 

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, which puts businesses in a tricky position, to say the least. For instance, the 2023 Global Threat Report from CrowdStrike highlights that adversaries are using malware less, instead relying on “valid credentials” to gain access to victims’ systems. But it’s not just that cyber attackers are exploiting new methods; the same report points out that geopolitical tensions provide a new backdrop for cyber conflict.  

A constantly changing threat landscape piles even more pressure onto businesses. While CISOs and CIOs grapple to block new threat actors with physical barriers, the pressure is on for the wider team to make sure they don’t create more vulnerabilities. 

Cybersecurity training needs to be comprehensive, but it also needs to be delivered regularly and made bespoke to your business. That’s why, at Ampito, we tailor our cybersecurity training to our clients’ knowledge gaps. We know that as threats develop, identifying opportunities for exploitation – and overcoming them proactively – is one of the strongest lines of defence.  

…And so are workplaces

There are new technology investments and cultural shifts, not to mention that we’re currently transitioning from an employees’ market to an employers’ market.  Your network’s cybersecurity is only as good as the people using it, so as your workplace changes, so do the threats you need to consider.  

Let’s take hybrid working as an example, which comes with its own set of risks. There’s the increased use of mobile devices, unsecure WiFi connections, and the threat of hardware theft – to name a few. Updating your cybersecurity architecture to keep offering flexible working is one step. But updating your training processes accordingly is another. Both are essential.  

If you’d like to learn more about creating a resilient hybrid working ecosystem, you’ll find actionable advice in this brochure. 

What should your cybersecurity training include?

Your business’s approach to cybersecurity training will depend on multiple factors, including your: 

  • Industry 
  • Work practices 
  • Data sensitivity 
  • Employee skills gap 
  • Client portfolio 
  • Current cybersecurity posture 

When it comes to finding the most comprehensive training for you, make sure that it’s not off-the-shelf. Your provider should audit your vulnerabilities and create a bespoke plan to strengthen them.  

This might include elements like: 

Awareness training

Awareness training can introduce your team to the cybersecurity risks you might encounter now or in the future. It should cover how to spot them, how to avoid them, and the best practices for responding immediately and effectively. 

Information security awareness

Information security awareness tends to focus more on human error and how it can leave businesses vulnerable. It can help individuals to take more accountability for how they protect the business, rather than seeing cybersecurity as just a CISO’s or CIO’s problem. 

Phishing tests

Sending mock phishing emails to your team can help you identify the weaknesses in your employees’ phishing response. With these insights, youll be better prepared to tailor your cybersecurity training. 

Remember, training is just one line of defence

Cybersecurity training is an essential line of defence, but it’s not the only one you should invest in. You need multiple to protect your business. Not only so you can prevent attacks before your team comes into contact with them, but so that you can also minimise their impact. 

To start implementing effective lines of defence, we have two brochures that we think you’ll find helpful. 

  1. Multi-Layered Cybersecurity with Ampito explores how to create multiple lines of defence and why it’s so important. 
  1. Our Trusted Cybersecurity Partners delves into our responsibilities as a managed services provider (MSP), alongside the products and vendors we can connect you to.  

When it comes to strengthening your cybersecurity posture from both a tech and people perspective, working with an MSP can be invaluable. If you decide to go down this route, consider our tips on finding the right cybersecurity MSP. 

Cybersecurity training and protection with Ampito

At Ampito, we can provide a bespoke cybersecurity solution that alleviates the pressure on your overstretched CISO, CIO, or security team. This includes tailored training, best-in-class products from top vendors, expertise that evolves as cyber threats do, and a 24/7 security operations centre for around-the-clock action. 

It means that we’re here to implement the architecture needed to protect your business, while equipping your team to use it safely and securely.  

To learn more about our cybersecurity training, get in touch for a free, no-obligation call. 

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